Valentin’s day suggested dishes

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we in the food and wine writing business start to focus on the obligatory food and wine article designed to guide you all to foolproof plans for seduction.We’re supposed to be writing about all the great foods that are aphrodisiacs — oysters, chocolate, papayas — but you want to know what one of the greatest aphrodisiacs is? Nantucket Bay Scallops.

These succulent, sweet, silky morsels of the sea offer one of the most sensual dining experiences on the planet, and if they don’t get you in the mood, check your pulse. Fresh scallops are at their peak from the earliest days of winter right through to the onset of spring. The coldest waters of the Atlantic coast offer the sweetest, most tender scallops, perfect for sharing with your loved one, or ones, I’m not one to judge, this Valentines Day.

With such a delicate nature, prepared bay scallops are often seen as a challenge by many, and over-cooking them into soulless, rubbery lumps is a sin for which you will be amply punished. Check out these fine suggestions, with wine pairings of course, and you’ll have a worry-free evening of silken bliss!

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