Venice International Film Festival 2011

Following the agreement with the City of Venice – for the renovation of the historic Sala Grande (1937), to be completed in time for the next Venice International Film Festival, with a complete restoration project– the Biennale has sealed a long-awaited agreement with the most important hotels on the Lido and in Venice .

La Biennale has signed an agreement with the Excelsior on the Lido and Starwood (Hotels Danieli, Europa in Venice) to set aside a number of rooms at pre-established rates, with stable and reasonable prices for hospitality for the delegations, producers and distributors of the Venice Film Festival’s films, making it possible to stay in superior-level structures at the best possible conditions.

In addition – and this is unprecedented – thanks to an agreement with the Excelsior Hotel, La Biennale will acquire the concession for the historic Art Nouveau building of the “Lion’s Bar” (one of the most significant sites on the Lido) including the stores under the portico, making it possible to manage this central Festival venue in a unitary and qualified manner.

“Complex situations require extraordinary solutions – declared the President of La Biennale, Paolo Baratta. “La Biennale, along with the City Council and quality Hotels, takes the responsibility for a more direct and comprehensive management of the Festival spaces, and will restore the Sala Grande to qualify it as a historic space. The Venice International Film Festival takes care of its style and confirms that it is competitive. We promised to make a significant contribution to the revitalization of the Festival on the Lido and we encountered the sensibility and cooperation of the City Council and two important hotel structures. We will continue our work to spread this sensibility, so that the Venice Film Festival can confirm its role.”

The 68th Venice International Film Festival will take place August 31st through September 10th 2011.