What Is Nougat Made Of?

You know it’s in your candy bar, and you know you’re not mad at it, but if someone asked you what exactly the nougat in your Snickers was made of, would you know the answer? Do you know what’s really going on in that 3 Musketeers? Let’s crack them open and find out.

Related to the mighty meringue, nougat is a broad term for a confection made from whipped egg whites, sugar or honey and nuts and/or fruit. It ranges in density from stiff and chewy to the airy filling in your candy bar, and in color from white to beige to pink, depending on how long the sugar has caramelized and how much egg white is used. Ever had a Toblerone? Those delicious chewy bits in the milk chocolate are a good example of the finer nougat in life.

Nougat’s not just a candy filling, however. In Europe and the Middle East, it IS the candy. Dating back centuries, nougat-crafting is an art akin to bread-baking or charcuterie, and these fine handmade desserts are well-worth seeking out.

What Is Nougat Made

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