What makes a good flag? We want captains to tell us

The Superyacht Group is seeking captains to contribute to a powerful research project that will dissect and evaluate the flag state ‘market’ to identify what it is that makes a good registry.

This expansive research project will examine the key factors that influence an owner’s decision to select a particular flag under which to register their vessel. And far from being a process of ‘tax avoidance’, as is sometimes purported by sections of the industry, the choice of flag influences the entire lifecycle of a superyacht.

We do however, understand that this esoteric process is something that owners usually delegate to their most trusted advisors, which are invariably their captains.

Therefore, we are seeking responses to this short survey from existing superyacht captains, which will help to feed an overarching assessment of the value and quality of current flag administrations.

The survey is quick to complete and all submissions will be made completely anonymously.

The resulting report will appear in issue 148 of The Superyacht Report.

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