What Women Want II – Wows have chosen the best wine!

What women want is  an action of selection of the best wines in the last year by women’s organizations Women On Wine – WOW.

The awards were held last year for the first time, at the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend as well, and this year, the gathering of women around the theme of wine was held again.

All members of the association WOW and WOW Sympathisers voted for the best white, red, pink and dessert wine, or wine with residual sugar, according to the selection of one of their members, a sommelier.

Alena Bročilović made this year’s selection​​, and after a blind tasting, top ten wines that have qualified for the finals, made ​​the final selection for the jury coprised of WoW’s experts – Nina Levičnik, Loreena Meda and Maja Heruc.

WOW wines for year 2012 are:

In the category of white wines: Tomac Amfora, 2008

In the category of red wines: Nigra Virgo Revolution, 2010, Trapan

In the category of dessert wines, and wines with residual sugar: Corona Grande, 2011, Benvenuti

Best of all, the Grand Prix WOW wine – rosé  Spoža, 2011, Senjković

Young winemakers from Brač winery Senjković have won, in addition to eye-catching sculptures signed by the designer of the “Group”, a trip to the wine region of their choice. Last year’s winners, the Istrian winemakers Kozlović, traveled to Bordeaux, and where will the Senjkovićs go, accompanied by the president of the WOW organisation, journalist  Sanja Muzaferija and directed by Kaptol Centre and TravelsInStyle agency – we still don’t know! We congratulate the winners!