What’s the Best Superyacht Accessory? A Smaller, Sportier Hunton Powerboat

You may already have a luxury yacht, but without a little powerhouse of a vessel, you won’t have as much fun on the water as you should. Newest to the Hunton line, the XRS43 powerboat is a lovely combination of classic design and sleek, modern aesthetics. Hitting a top speed of 70 knots (that’s just over 80 mph), the boat will definitely be able to give you a thrill.

The Hunton XRS43 has a charcoal grey paint job, teak decking, leather upholstery, and a roomy salon and galley with a bespoke design interior. “Every feature on an XRS43 is truly Hunton—from the clean lines and race-inspired stepped hull to the hidden technology that delivers its superb handling,” affirms the brand. “Powerful, yet supremely luxurious, driving the XRS43 presents a thrilling blend of speed, exhilaration and fun.”

The icing on the cake? It only costs £295,000 ($452,490).

What's the Best Superyacht Accessory

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