Wight Martini – For the Captain

Our Wight Martini is for purists. It is meant to be taken extremely chilled, straight-up and with a twist.

  • First, place ice and water into a martini glass to chill the glass. Set aside for the moment.
  • Place fresh ice into a cocktail shaker.
  • Pour two or three shots of Wight Vodka into the shaker.
  • Please, no vermouth! (There is absolutely no need for adulteration).
  • Shake or stir for a minute or two; we’re not bothered.
  • Empty the ice and water from the martini glass.
  • Pour your Wight Martini.
  • Garnish, if you must, with a lime, lemon or orange twist; never an olive!

As bracing as the snap of a spinnaker, enjoy while staring at the ocean. If there isn’t an ocean at hand (or a sea, lake or hot tub for that matter) then please enjoy your Wight Martini while dreaming of one!