Will France Embrace ‘Quality’ Wine in a Can?

Purists will wince. A French start-up hopes to revolutionize wine consumption in France by selling produce from quality-assured vineyards – in tin cans.

The 187ml cans (a quarter of the volume of a traditional bottle) of red, white and rosé “Winestar” come with a recommended retail value of 2.50 euros ($3.32).

Fabulous Brands, the company behind “Winestar,” hopes that by selling only AOC [Appelation d’Origine Controlée, or Controlled Designation of Origin] they will create a market that barely exists in France.

“We want to become the Nespresso of wine,” Fabulous Brands founder Cédric Segal told French daily Le Figaro on Monday, referring to the popular coffee machines that have acquired a degree of ubiquity in France. “We want to democratize the sale of quality wine.”

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