Wine, Cheese & Olive Pairings

Olives are a fun & delicious food to share with friends, as the etiquette of eating olives is relaxed. With so many types of olives available, the opportunities to pair olives with wine and other foods are endless. Start with the classic & creative pairings here — like Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives with Pears & Sherry or Oil-Cured Olives with Ricotta Salata and Cabernet Sauvignon. Discover your own favorite combination of flavors! We’re sure your friends won’t mind if you experiment on them… 

Olive Medley with Parmigiano-Reggiano & Chardonnay

A crisp, flinty Chardonnay marries the olive medley – California green olives, Jumbo Calamata olives, Mammoth Black Greek Olives – with shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, complex and always favorable – with a crystal crunch.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives with Pears & Sherry

Sherry, served sweetly at room temperature, pairs well with a plump olive stuffed with pungent blue cheese. A cool, crunchy pear finishes the flavor off nicely and holds the zest of the cheese on the tip of the tongue while the Sherry rolls in the back of the throat.


Seasoned Olives Gigante with Imported Sharp Provolone & White Merlot

Roped rinds of imported sharp provolone, slightly smoky and spicy, are rustic when paired with the collasal Seasoned Olives Gigante and swirled with a blushing White Merlot, with its infusions of strawberries and summer.

Mammoth Black Greek Olives with Kasseri Cheese & Garnacha

Mammoth Black Greek olives have a gentle bite that mellows with creamy, buttery kasseri cheese. A medium-bodied Garnacha, with cherry, raspberry, and pepper aromas finish the flavor.

Piccante Green Pitted Olives with Extra Sharp Cheddar & Cabernet Franc

Fierce fresh chilies pinch the tip of the tongue with the first bold bite into a Piccante Green Pitted Olive. The tango lives on with a warm, creamy extra sharp cheddar. And the fire is ignited again with an herbal Cabernet Franc, leaving notes of bell pepper.

Extra Large Pitted Calamata Seasoned Olives with Feta & Pinot Noir

The fleshy, tart Calamata olive is spiked with wet, white cards of feta cheese, its tangy sharpness salting over the tongue. A pour of Pinot Noir adds spice with whispers of sassafras, rosemary, and cinnamon.

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