Wine Condoms

The ultimate protection for wine lovers! They say “necessity is the mother of all inventions”

…in our case, it just took a SENSE OF HUMOR!

Wine CondomsWINE CONDOM(s) are FUNNY and an obvious conversation starter at any party or gathering among friends.

…but on  the PRACTICAL side it offers some real advantages to the status quo wine stopper.


WINE CONDOM(s) sit flush with the rim of the bottle. Most wine stoppers on the market sit 1/2- 2 inches (or more) above the wine bottle rim.  The added height causes the following storage syndrome:


WINE CONDOM(s) provide effortless refrigerator shelf and/or door storage.


WINE CONDOM(s) stow comfortably in your pocket (or wallet..he he)

Pack and take ’em  ANYWHERE!

WINE CONDOM(s) allow you to more easily enjoy your favorite bottled beverage at the Lake, Concert, Campgrounds, or Stadium.


WINE CONDOM(s) can be thrown away after use..  You wouldn’t expect to use, wash, then re-use a drinking straw – neither should you have to do this with your wine stopper.

WINE CONDOM(s) are convenient, disposable, and HILARIOUS!


Brainstorming the idea of WINE CONDOMs was the just the beginning. Next up- creating one.  Initially I thought of contacting a condom manufacturer, however, I quickly decided against it.  Condoms would be too thin and transparent. “I like making people laugh not vomit!”

I quickly switched gears and found a rubber manufacturer tailored to the food industry who could make a prototype to fit my exacting specifications.  It was PERFECT!  With the product out of the way, I contacted a good friend of mine to collaborate on the logo and packaging.  Like the product, it too needed to be playful not gross.

I’ve always admired the elegant design of wood cigar boxes, however, in this case – it seemed a tad bit too pretentious. The decision soon became clear.  I needed  a simple display box that would showcase the playful WINE CONDOM logo. At this point, I’ve spent all my funds on a bulk order of WINE CONDOMs which prevents me from being able to meet the minimum order required for packaging (5,000).  This is where you lovely people come in!


Once funded, I’ll begin the process for creating the packaging! I’ll submit my artwork and begin working with a design department.  Since I’ve already invested in the bulk purchase of the actual WINE CONDOM product- that part is already taken care of!  With packaging in the works, Its on to the other awesome rewards: sunglasses, t-shirts, hoodies, Etc. I will purchase my KickStarter rewards during the 2 week turnaround for the packaging.  After the boxes ship I’ll be spending my time with a couple friends in my lovely garage putting the packages together.  I feel completely confident in my ability to see this company through in the time frame I’ve created.  I’ve had many earlier entrepreneurial experiences that have taught me a lot about things to avoid, and things to pay attention to, and most importantly, to Never give up!

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