Workshop on Mesometeorology

Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia, School of Meteorology of the University of Oklahoma, and Geophysical Institute of the University of Zagreb. The Workshop will focus on selected problems of today’s mesoscale meteorology and will include keynote lectures by scientific experts in the area, presentations by participants, and discussion sessions.

Topics of the Workshop:

• theory of slope flows and low-level jets,

• mountain waves and bora-like flows,

• numerical simulation of turbulent slope flows,

• modeling of mesoscale flows in mountainous regions,

• turbulence and land-surface parameterizations for mesoscale models,

• observational studies of mesoscale flows in complex topography,

• mesoscale atmospheric convection,

• data assimilation in mesoscale modeling and numerical weather prediction, and

• sub-synoptic-scale meteorology and remote sensing..

The total number of the Workshop participants is expected to be about 40. The majority of participants will represent Croatia and USA in approximately equal proportions (~15 from each country) and the rest of participants will be invited contributors from other countries. Limited funds are available to partially cover travel and accommodation costs of Croatian and USA participants.


  • Kreso Pandzic, Croatia (Chairman) Christian Barthlott, Germany
  • Evgeni Fedorovich, USA (Vice Chairman) Evgeni Fedorovich, USA
  • Branko Grisogono, Croatia Branko Grisogono, Croatia
  • Maja Telisman Prtenjak, Croatia Nils Gustafsson, Sweden/Norway
  • John Snow, USA Dmitrii Mironov, Germany
  • David Raymond, USA
  • Alan Shapiro, USA
  • Natasa Strelec Mahovic, Croatia
  • David Whiteman, USA

Participants of the Workshop are expected to be at graduate-student (advanced M.S. or Ph.D.), post-doctoral, or early-career scientist/practitioner levels. The students will be able to file this Workshop as a course worth 1 to 3 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points depending on a presentation.

To apply for participation submit by 15 March 2012 a brief CV, statement of scientific/operational interests (up to one page), recommendation note from advisor (half page; only for graduate students and post-docs), abstract of the proposed presentation (up to one page with indication of oral/poster preference), and request for financial support with itemization of costs. The cost of full-board accommodation at the Ekopark Kras Resort is ~€50 per day. Submission of applications through E-mail is encouraged.

Croatian participants should submit their applications to Kreso Pandzic (Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia, GriË 3, 10000 Zagreb; E-mail:

Participants from USA and other countries should submit applications to Evgeni Fedorovich (School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 120 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, OK 73072, USA; E-mail:

Ekopark Kras Resort is located in the beautiful Kupa river basin within the municipality of Pisarovina. Resort guests are accommodated in wooden cottages and bungalows typical of this region of Croatia.