World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog Is Soaked in $2,000 Cognac

In case a $900 cupcake just doesn’t do it for you, you may want to consider biting into the world’s expensive hot dog. Priced at just $100, it seems like a bargain compared to the gold-specked pastry.

That’s right the world’s priciest frank costs a mere $100 but it’s what’s inside that counts. The Dragon Dog sold at Vancouver’s Dougie Dog is a foot-long bratwurst soaked in $2,000 Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac. It is then topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster and truffle oil. There’s also a secret sauce thrown into the mix.

Dougie Dog’s has been dishing out the Dragon Dog for the past two years but it wasn’t until now that is was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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World's Most Expensive Hot Dog Is Soaked in $2,000 Cognac

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