Would You Drink A $500 Milkshake?

Looking for the ultimate foodie gift this holiday season? Well, you may want to treat a special someone (or yourself!) to what may possibly be the most expensive milkshake in America.

A new cocktail bar in Hollywood called The Powder Room is advertising a $500 milkshake made with edible gold leaf, ”the finest Belgian chocolates” and a $190  Swarovski Nirvana Mountain Ring. While the recipe has yet to be finalized, we know it will also contain a blend of liquors.

Those willing to drop some cash on the pricey milkshake will be able to keep the ring afterwards. Bar owner John Arakaki says the drink is perfect for ”a bachelorette party or a special occasion.” Perhaps also a great treat for the milkshake obsessed?

The Powder Room will open on November 22nd. If the milkshake does well, Arakaki says they’ll continue to sell it. Well, at least it wouldn’t be as bad as the guy who wasted $13,000 on a cocktail only to not drink it.

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Would You Drink A $500 Milkshake