Yacht Auction at Antibes Yacht Show

A 253-foot (77-meter), long-range discovery megayacht, a two-year-old 180-footer (55-meter) of a more conventional design, and a handful of smaller and faster megayachts are among the first to sign up for what will be the world’s first yacht auction held at a major yacht show.

The auction is being held at the Antibes Yacht Show by Tim Morley of Monaco-based Morley Yachts. Selling megayachts by auction has not always been viewed positively. The inference is that the financiers are involved and there is a fire sale. However, Morley is hoping to reverse that impression and redefine the way in which yacht auctions are viewed. While the Antibes Yacht Show runs from April 18 to 21, the megayacht auction is being held April 20. It starts at 3pm, with bidding beginning at 3:20pm. Morley expects the auction to last until 6pm.

Among the megayachts going under the hammer are:

  • the 253-foot (77-meter) Lone Ranger
  • the 180-foot (55-meter) Turquoise
  • the 115-foot (35-meter) Paradigm
  • the 98-foot (30-meter) Matanthar
  • the 85-foot (26-meter) Nick of Time
  • a Pershing 76 called Elixir
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