Young Spanish Entrepreneurs Create the World’s First Blue Wine

Chances are you have been asked whether you prefer red or white wine (maybe even rosé) time and time again. But now, places in Spain may even ask if you prefer blue wine.

Gik—the world’s first blue wine—is the fruit of six entrepreneurial 20-somethings’ labors in El Bierzo, Leon.

The group of young Spaniards set out develop Gik with no prior experience in winemaking and just two years of research in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and the food research department of the Basque Government.

The final product is created through a combination of traditional and chemical processes.

Red and white grapes from Spain’s northwestern wine regions are mixed to make up Gik’s base. Then,the mixture goes through apigmentation process, which gives the liquid its vibrant blue hue. Finally, the wine’s flavor is softened with sweeteners for a palatable finish before bottling.

What, exactly might inspire something to create a bright blue wine? For Gik’s creators, the color blue represents “movement, innovation, fluidity, change and infinity.” The company aims to target a younger crowd by breaking the rules of traditional wine culture.

It’s recommended that the vino be served at any time of day with any food. The maker’s only request? Serve Gik chilled.

In Spain, this indigo bottling is currently available for purchase online and in select stores. However, if you’re anywhere outside of Spain, you can arrange to get your hands on a bottle of Gik via email.

Young Spanish Entrepreneurs

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