For 5000 years caviar has been firmly anchored as a delicacy in almost every great culture and has been produced unchanged for centuries. Even the Ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians understood how to preserve fish eggs for times of war and famine by salting. In Ancient Greece caviar was served with fanfares at banquets and in Roman literature it is described that a bowl of caviar cost as much as a hundred lambs. The Persians in turn used caviar as a medicine and the Russian tsars considered caviar to be „the food of the gods“. In the 14th century the Venetians brought the delicacy to Europe where monarchs issued decrees making every sturgeon the king’s property.

Roe at the height of maturity

ZwyerCaviar is recognized as the ultra-premium caviar label. And it offers what many consider to be the widest range of caviar, including Beluga, Oscietra, Sevruga and Baeri. The Persian sturgeon roe is available on special request only. All caviars are of the type „Oscietra Flor de Sal Malassol” (Malassol stands for “lightly salted”). Thanks to regular inspections, through appraisal of each individual fish and in the truest sense of the word “handwork” Zwyer Caviar can guarantee that excellent roe are distinguished from the extraordinary. ZwyerCaviar roe are exclusively harvested at their height of maturity with respect to size, taste, colour and consistency. In stark contrast to other caviar traders, they do have full quality control by personally selecting only the best roe right after extraction. As a consequence, ZwyerCaviar is regularly considered to be one of the best farmed caviar worldwide. Thanks to their tight Swiss quality control concept at the manufacturers’s site in Uruguay and Italy.

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A Premium World:

ZwyerCaviar is preferred supplier for all Fairmont Raffles Swissôtel Hotels, The Savoy in London, Suvretta House in St. Moritz, The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Président Wilson in Geneva, Baur au Lac in Zurich, The Ritz-Carlton in Singapore and many more.

In addition their track record includes retail chains, such as: Harrods (London), La Grande Epicerie (Paris), Karstadt (Germany), Globus delicatessa (Switzerland) and Market Place/Jasons (Singapore).

Many *** Michelin-rated Chefs (such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Andreas Caminada, André Jaeger, Holger Stromberg or Philippe Chevrier) place their trust in ZwyerCaviar.